Graphic Design

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”

Milton Glaser

Mockup of books with Dr Jekyl Mr Hyde face and the back of a playing card deck with various smilies on them against a brick wall

Bookcover and playing cards designed and created by Chyrl Graham


Marketing Design

  • Brochures                          Email
  • Flyers                                  Posters
  • Social Media                      Video


Visual Identity Design

  • Colors                                Hierarchy
  • Illustration                        Logo
  • Typrography                     Photography
  • Videography

Marketing Design

If your marketing materials were presented to potential customers today, would the design express the value you are offering?

Marketing design is about communicating and promoting a brand’s products or services in an aesthetic way, while maintaining your company’s visual identity and following your brand guidelines.

We focus on the message you want portrayed in order for you to sell your products or services by using a variety of typography, color and visual identity design to create the marketing tools you need to convert your visitors to paying customers.

Atlantic Grill Menu

Menu designed and created by Jeannine Tilman

Visual Identity Design

A well put together visual identity design should be complimentary to your brand to help it communicate who you are.

Visual identity design is the visual element of brand identity that acts as the face of your brand to communicate its intangible qualities.

The top four elements, which are essential for any quality visual identity design, are as follows:

  • LOGO – a visual mark that reflects what your business does and who you are, and which should be memorable to the minds of those who see it.
  • COLOR – gives strength and cohesiveness to your brand, and should characterize your company values and your brand personality
  • TYPOGRAPHY – the style or appearance of text, but can also be referred to as the art of working with text: typefaces, point sizes, line lengths, letter spacing, line spacing, etc. Typography is influenced by the shape and style of your logo which presents an overall comprehensive and cohesive look.
  • HIERARCHY – involves creating, organizing and prioitizing your content creating an effective flow to direct a viewer’s eye to the most essential information on a page.
Zombie head with alphabetical lines walking dead characters around the head

Typography—Walking Dead—designed and created by Chyrl Graham


Delaplaine Brochure

Brochure and banner designed and created by Menay Wilde



Business Card

CeeGee Website Design Mock Businesscard

Designed and created by Chyrl Graham

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