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“Let us take you into a deeper experience, make a moment a lasting conveyable memory. Let us help build your tribe.”  Deep Immersion


The CeeGee Design Team

We are a group of intelligent, educated, skillful, experienced funny women who got together to do what we individually love to do the most; make people happy by sharing our professional expertise with them.


Collectively, the CeeGee Design Team believes that listening to you, our client, is invaluable. We perform our individual tasks specifically to accommodate your requests in a timely manner. Being able to understand you, your perspective regarding your business and your brand is paramount!


Respect and trust are the basis of courtesy and professionalism. With those in place, you can accommplish anything!


The CeeGee Design Team has worked very hard over many years to be able to share our passion for our professions with others. We all have great pride in what we individually do, and work cohesively as a team.

Chyrl comes from upstate New York, about four hours south of the Canadian border. She has degrees in Web Design & Development and in Graphic Design. She started CeeGee Website Design llc in 2015, and has been going strong ever since. Also provided as services to clients of CeeGee Website Design are Photography and Videography.

She has many hobbies that include playing the guitar, drawing and painting, and playing with her Nintendo Switch.

Chyrl is the proud parent of a Green Cheeked Conure (bird), who’s name is Bow, and a 13lb Chug (chihuahu/pug) named Magoo.


Website & Graphic Designer & Developer

Menay hails from Texas, and has a degree in Web and Multimedia Technology. She is currently working on her Bachelor’s in Software Development.

In her spare time, Menay enjoys spending quality time with her fiance´. For fun, Menay is learning how to sew, how to make bread, and even gets into playing video games; more specifically, Dragon Age and Skyrim.


Website & Graphic Designer & Developer

Elise has been copy editing for over twelve years. Her field experience includes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, business and industrial, scientific, medical, and social sciences. But her real interest is making writers shine by helping them find their voice. This is especially critical in website content because the reader bandwidth is so much shorter than in print. Working with the writer to get themselves across to the reader in the most concise and impactful way is her specialty. Her pronouns are she, her, and I, and she is a serial comma adherent.

When Elise isn’t editing, she’s training her doggy, Benji, constructing rock walls, and baking bread (regardless of Covid).



Copy Editor

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